Tax & Accounting Specialist for Over Fifteen Years in CA

Hello! I’m David Clements, an accounting and tax expert. I have over fifteen years of experience in various aspects of financial services. At DL Clements, my team and I work to assist you in your ongoing tax planning and tax preparation needs.

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DL Clements
DL Clements

Certified & Licensed

I have been a licensed tax preparer, certified by the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) for several years now. I am also a licensed insurance broker and a commissioned notary signing agent. With me, you can rest assured that I am authorized to provide several services.

  • Tax preparer CTEC #A157909
  • Insurance agent/broker, License #0F41611
  • Notary signing, Commission #2313266

Quality Work & Customer Service

My clients trust me and stick with me, thanks to the personable services at the offer. I work closely with individuals, business owners, and corporate company representatives. With customized plans, I provide exceptional services even during this tough pandemic situation.

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DL Clements